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* Add basic SNIRM supportFlorian Lohoff2009-04-26
* Move arg handling to prom codeFlorian Lohoff2009-04-26
* Abstract cache flush, reset and interactiveFlorian Lohoff2009-04-26
* Move memory init, Fatal and Wait into prom specificFlorian Lohoff2009-04-26
* Seperate ARC prom calls from ext2io.cFlorian Lohoff2009-04-26
* Remove arc references from common libc and add an prom abstractionFlorian Lohoff2009-04-26
* Remove arc from the malloc function namesFlorian Lohoff2009-04-26
* Move libc functions into a pseudo libc away from libarcGuido Günther2009-04-26
* Remove print_loadaddr and print_outputformatFlorian Lohoff2009-01-11
* apply an IP22 tftploader hack so the kernel+d-i initrd fit into the reserved ...Guido Günther2008-02-16
* Imported upstream version Günther2008-02-16
* Imported Debian version Guenther2006-11-18