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* Make cache file names configurableHEADmasterJoey Loman2017-05-04
* Fix flake8 errorGuido Günther2017-01-13
* Fix some things to make inventory script perform better.Bill Nottingham2017-01-12
* Newer foreman versions (1.13.0 and later) should use hostgroup_titleSimon Metzger2016-10-14
* Python3 (#37)Guido Günther2016-10-03
* Improve error message with broken config fileGuido Günther2016-09-28
* Break the loop if we don't make any progress (#31)Guido Günther2016-09-13
* Make inventory script pep8 compliantGuido Günther2016-08-14
* Add a test for methods invoking _get_json()Guido Günther2016-08-14
* Add doctest for safe_wordGuido Günther2016-08-14
* Don't perform all the work in the constructorGuido Günther2016-08-14
* added group by lifecycle_environment and contentview functionalityNicholas Strugnell2016-08-10
* Only call ForemanInventory when __main__ is setGuido Günther2016-08-08
* Allow to disable fact cacheGuido Günther2016-08-08
* In case of 404 we get an empty list but expect an empty dictGuido Günther2016-08-05
* Switch out the shebang to invoke python via /usr/bin/envNick Jones2016-08-04
* Add environment ansible groupMatt Spaulding2016-06-17
* Resolve params via all_parameters onlyGuido Günther2016-06-12
* Use Foreman to calculate resulting set of paramsAriel Salvo2016-06-12
* Add facts to hostvars as wellGuido Günther2016-06-10
* Set prefix for Ansible groupsDaniel Lobato2016-05-12
* Don't fail if host disappearsGuido Günther2016-04-29
* read foreman.ini from environment if setWayne Witzel III2016-04-05
* expand the use of '~' in cache path locationAndy Boyett2016-03-24
* Merge branch 'gh/5'v0.0.2Guido Günther2016-02-29
| * Expand host variables as wellGuido Günther2016-02-29
* | Merge pull request #6 from brandonweeks/paginationGuido Günther2016-02-26
|\ \ | |/ |/|
| * Pagination logic improvementsBrandon Weeks2016-02-25
* | Don't forget to load params on valid cacheGuido Günther2016-02-18
* | Merge pull request #4 from brandonweeks/paginationGuido Günther2016-02-18
|\ \ | |/
| * add support for paginationBrandon Weeks2016-02-17
* | fix typoBrandon Weeks2016-02-17
* Group by location and organization as wellGuido Günther2016-02-13
* Make host and hostgroup params availableGuido Günther2016-02-09
* Don't fail on host without hostgroupGuido Günther2016-02-07
* Raise exception in case of errorsGuido Günther2016-02-07
* Initial commitGuido Günther2016-02-02