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+Libplanfahr is a GObject based library to query public transport inforation. It
+(in principle) supports different providers although at the moment only one is
+implemented. It features GObject introspection so you can use it from languages
+like JavaScript and Python.
+The API is by no means stable yet.
+It depends on glib, libsoup, libxml2, gnome-common and gtk-doc-tools:
+ apt-get install libsoup2.4-dev libglib2.0-dev libxml2-dev libgirepository1.0-dev \
+ gnome-common gtk-doc-tools
+To build from source use:
+ ./autogen.sh
+ ./configure
+ make
+To install use
+ make install
+To run from the compiled source code use
+ ./run <program>
+for example
+ ./run python3 examples/trip-query.py Gelsenkirchen Essen
+If you want to contribute to libplanfahr see the HACKING document.