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* Sort fields alphabeticallyGuido Günther2014-11-22
* Recent firmware omits the shortTextGuido Günther2014-11-22
* Fix preset value detectionGuido Günther2013-12-04
* Add Flow Temp SetGuido Günther2013-10-10
* Add drinking water temperatureGuido Günther2013-09-30
* Add COPYINGGuido Günther2013-09-03
* Correct nameGuido Günther2013-09-02
* Fix line style for set valuesGuido Günther2013-09-02
* Plot set valued for heating and set backGuido Günther2013-09-02
* Fixup TPM and TPO valuesGuido Günther2013-08-30
* Initial commitGuido Günther2013-08-29