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* distro: Look at the first line of LSB's outputGuido Günther2022-12-30
* distro: Discard stderrGuido Günther2022-12-30
* flake8 cleanupsGuido Günther2016-12-15
* Allow to filter service by regular expressionsGuido Günther2016-09-23
* whatmaps/distro.py: flake8 cleanGuido Günther2016-09-23
* Make imports python2 and python3 compatibleGuido Günther2014-07-11
* Document class variablesGuido Günther2014-07-01
* Move detect_distro to DistroGuido Günther2014-07-01
* pkg_services: Check if a service is actually installedGuido Günther2014-06-28
* Split out and test DistroGuido Günther2014-04-20