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* Rework powerstate handlingGuido Günther2018-07-19
* Don't import *Guido Günther2017-08-22
* Handle new power state namesGuido Günther2017-08-22
* Unbreak changing paramsGuido Günther2017-07-05
* tests: Don't rely on dict key orderingGuido Günther2017-05-17
* Make sure ssl_verify is a boolGuido Günther2017-05-16
* Allow to set powerstate of the VMGuido Günther2017-05-04
* Move host creation to separate functionGuido Günther2017-05-04
* Flake8 cleanGuido Günther2017-02-02
* Allow to set environmentGuido Günther2016-08-01
* Allow to retry host creationGuido Günther2016-08-01
* Fix typo preventing a sane error messageGuido Günther2016-07-27
* Allow to add commentGuido Günther2016-06-26
* Set host ip as fact when creating the hostGuido Günther2016-06-17
* Subnet and compute_resource are required when creating VMsGuido Günther2016-06-17
* Don't log API passwordGuido Günther2016-06-17
* Allow to set primary interface IPGuido Günther2016-06-13
* Improve error output if 'full_messages' is not presentGuido Günther2016-05-18
* Ensure parameters match the provided onesGuido Günther2016-05-17
* Initial commitGuido Günther2016-02-24