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+How to create the boot image:
+tip22 <vmlinux> <initrd> <outputfile>
+tip32 <vmlinux> <initrd> <outputfile>
+- vmlinux is an ELF Linux kernel. For versions before 2.6.9 you need to
+ apply an extra patch for correct commandline parsing, see
+ /usr/share/doc/tip22/examples.
+- initrd is the gzip compressed initial ramdisk you want add
+- outputfile is the bootimage. It is in ECOFF format for ip22 and in
+ ELF format for ip32. You can for example tfpboot this image on an SGI
+ Indy using the bootp(): command in the prom.
+it basically works like this:
+- tftpload.o is a relocatable object created during package build time
+- the tip22 script converts the ramdisk and vmlinux to relocatable
+ objects using linker scripts including symbols that mark the begin
+ and the end of kernel and ramdisk
+- those are linked together into the output file using yet another
+ linker script
+- when executed by the prom the embedded loader:
+ - memcopies the kernel to its loadaddress
+ - memcopies the initrd after the kernel to a page boundary
+ - parses the command line and everything within an append="..."
+ statement is passed on to the kernel, e.g.
+ 'bootp(): append="console=ttyS0"'
+ - jumps into the kernel passing the start address and size of the
+ initrd on the command line
+ -- Thu, 15 May 2002 23:07:18 +0200 Guido Guenther <agx@sigxcpu.org>