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@@ -4,10 +4,8 @@ How to create the boot image:
tip22 <vmlinux> <initrd> <outputfile>
tip32 <vmlinux> <initrd> <outputfile>
-- vmlinux is an ELF Linux kernel. For versions before 2.6.9 you need to
- apply an extra patch for correct commandline parsing, see
- /usr/share/doc/tip22/examples.
-- initrd is the gzip compressed initial ramdisk you want add
+- vmlinux is a ELF Linux kernel
+- initrd is a gzip compressed initial ramdisk
- outputfile is the bootimage. It is in ECOFF format for ip22 and in
ELF format for ip32. You can for example tfpboot this image on an SGI
Indy using the bootp(): command in the prom.