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* Remove .cvsignore filesHEADmasterGuido Günther2011-07-06
* Ease building on non MIPS platformsGuido Günther2011-06-19
* Split CFLAGS to ease compilation on other platformsGuido Günther2011-06-19
* Reduced amount of #ifdef'ed codeGuido Günther2011-06-19
* Mark unused parameters as __attribute__((unused))Guido Günther2011-06-17
* Use -WextraGuido Günther2011-06-17
* Drop .gnu.att which is LOAD and virtual address 0Florian Lohoff2009-01-11
* Explicitly give in the args of the start64 asm stubFlorian Lohoff2009-01-11
* Remove print_loadaddr and print_outputformatFlorian Lohoff2009-01-11
* make initrd_addr an unsigned long to avoid unnecessary castsGuido Guenther2007-11-21
* arcboot initrd support patchJulien BLACHE2007-11-21
* disable strict aliasing until ext2io.c is cleaned upGuido Guenther2007-11-21
* fix some warningsGuido Guenther2007-11-21
* LoadProgramSegments64: add casts to unsigned long so the address and size for...Guido Guenther2007-11-21
* Imported Debian version Guenther2006-11-18