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* [PATCH] Update documentationPavel Roskin2007-07-15
* [PATCH] Give plain http URL for the firmware, not httpsPavel Roskin2007-07-15
* [PATCH] Replace references to at75c503a with at76_usb where appropriatePavel Roskin2007-03-04
* Major rewriteproski2006-08-03
* Update for the new module name and firmware supportproski2006-08-02
* Update to reflect module integrationproski2006-07-30
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* Document KERNEL_PATH and expand installation instructionsproski2006-07-15
* Fix spelling, update, make asciidoc compatibleproski2006-07-14
* - version 0.12beta9jal22004-03-18
* added calls to ifconfig in example of setting the device upjal22003-11-27
* spelling correctedjal22003-07-20
* - added values in dbg param output at startupjal22003-06-16
* - version 0.10jal22003-06-01
* - 0.10beta3jal22003-05-29
* added support for 802.11 data fragmentationjal22003-05-19
* added power save mode (802.11 and Atmel's smart power save)jal22003-05-14
* - version 0.10beta1 (it's a major change)jal22003-05-01
* iwconfig now restarts the device with new params immediately -> no need for i...jal22003-03-22
* Joerg: added shared secret authentication, added iwpriv calls for preamble an...jal22003-03-21
* Oliver's version 0.9version_0_9jal22003-03-21
* Initial revisionjal22003-03-21