BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterColorize error messageGuido Günther5 years
v0.0.4commit 86c4772ea9...Guido Günther5 years
v0.0.3commit d2533637e3...Guido Günther11 years
v0.0.2commit 706e7753b2...Guido Günther12 years
v0.0.1commit c8ec0c576e...Guido Guenther12 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2009-08-31bump versionv0.0.3Guido Günther
2009-08-31make comparison case insensitiveGuido Günther
2009-08-31improve error message when we fail to parse the pts pageGuido Günther
2009-03-05don't append the generated html directlyGuido Günther
2009-03-05remove unused importGuido Günther
2009-03-05strip trailing summary field from git URLsGuido Günther
2009-01-29bump version to 0.0.2v0.0.2Guido Günther
2009-01-29drop versionGuido Günther
2009-01-25typoGuido Günther
2009-01-25also allow for a collon after [commitid]Guido Günther