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* xcpu-thank-ack: move to end of ACK lineHEADmasterGuido Günther2017-08-14
* Add helper to thank for patchesGuido Günther2017-08-10
* Save buffer before committingGuido Günther2017-07-22
* Make it simple to insert into d{s,l}a-neededGuido Günther2017-06-02
* Use clearer wordingGuido Günther2017-06-02
* Simplify patch handlingGuido Günther2016-11-07
* Simplify opening bugsGuido Günther2016-06-30
* Simplify blog linksGuido Günther2016-03-06
* Add shortcut to git commit current fileGuido Günther2016-02-17
* More keybindingsGuido Günther2016-01-08
* Add some global keybindingsGuido Günther2015-12-26