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Add manage.py
A new script for managing the test package repositories and building the binary test artefacts (rpm, srpm and orig tarballs) from those. Previously, test packages were maintained as separate branches in this test data repository. However, this cluttered the refs space of the main repository and made managing the test package "repositories" cumbersome and also error prone, as many packages were basically managed in the same git repository. Multiple branches also caused problems for downstream users as the main repository is basically used as a git submodule of git-buildpackage repository. In the new model test package repositories are "serialized" as patches accompanied with the proper metadata to re-construct the git repository when needed. The new manage.py script is a tool for creating and serializing the test package repositories as well as building binary artefacts from these repositories. The repositories can be "perfectly" re-constructed, meaning that all tags and local branches are restored with full history and all object hashes are preserved as well. The data layout shall be such that serialized data of a each repository resides in a separate <NAME>.data directory. When changes to the repository are required, or it needs to be built, it can be reconstructed into <NAME>.repo directory. Signed-off-by: Markus Lehtonen <markus.lehtonen@linux.intel.com>
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