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* Remove bootstrap.py and manifest fileMarkus Lehtonen2015-11-26
* bootstrap: unbreak branch updateMarkus Lehtonen2015-02-26
* Add pristine-tar branchesMarkus Lehtonen2014-07-21
* Add dummy binary RPMsMarkus Lehtonen2014-07-21
* bootstrap: fix loading of hooksMarkus Lehtonen2014-07-21
* bootstrap: disable one anomalous pylint errMarkus Lehtonen2014-07-21
* bootstrap: give log string arguments as function parametersMarkus Lehtonen2014-07-21
* manifest: add original branch nameMarkus Lehtonen2014-07-18
* Add pq/development branch for 'gbp-test' packageMarkus Lehtonen2014-07-18
* bootstrap: add manifest subclassMarkus Lehtonen2014-06-10
* bootstrap: Fix one log messageMarkus Lehtonen2014-06-10
* manifest: export native package branches, tooMarkus Lehtonen2014-02-25
* bootstrap: minor typo fixMarkus Lehtonen2014-02-25
* Add test repo manifestMarkus Lehtonen2013-12-13
* bootstrap: build without switching branchesMarkus Lehtonen2013-12-12
* bootstrap: return to current branchMarkus Lehtonen2013-12-12
* Move RepoManifest to gbpMarkus Lehtonen2013-12-12
* bootstrap: implement test repo manifest generationMarkus Lehtonen2013-09-20
* bootstrap: support silent buildingMarkus Lehtonen2013-08-30
* bootstrap: Support hooksMarkus Lehtonen2013-08-30
* bootstrap: create orig tarballsMarkus Lehtonen2013-08-30
* Add bootstrap.py for re-creating and updating the testdataMarkus Lehtonen2013-08-30