BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
0.8.xLock flake8 versionGuido Günther3 months
debian/etch-backportsdocument changes and release 0.4.34~bpo40+1Guido Guenther9 years
debian/experimentalgit-dch --git-author: separate author and emailDmitrij Tejblum3 years
debian/jessie-backportsMerge branch 'debian/jessie-backports' of honk:git-buildpackage into debian/j...Guido Günther13 months
debian/lenny-backportsdocument changes and release 0.4.63~bpo50+2Guido Günther8 years
debian/stretchDocument changes and release Günther11 months
debian/wheezydch: Fix error reporting on parsing errorsGuido Günther5 years
debian/wheezy-backportsDocument changes and release 0.6.22~bpo70+1Guido Günther3 years
masterdocs: dynamically select the DocBook-to-man tool to useMarkus Lehtonen31 hours
debian/0.9.6commit 6129ca865d...Guido Günther12 days
debian/0.9.5commit 7ae8847594...Guido Günther3 weeks
debian/0.9.4commit a0c13b92e9...Guido Günther7 weeks
debian/0.9.3commit 1cdf7965af...Guido Günther2 months
debian/0.9.2commit 58c198e976...Guido Günther2 months
debian/0.9.1commit 8f851ecf36...Guido Günther3 months
debian/0.9.0commit 57eecef286...Guido Günther3 months
debian/0.9.0_exp7commit 07d53bc081...Guido Günther3 months
debian/0.9.0_exp6commit ba266b8ba4...Guido Günther4 months
debian/0.9.0_exp4commit 4406c60179...Guido Günther5 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
31 hoursdocs: dynamically select the DocBook-to-man tool to useHEADmasterMarkus Lehtonen
31 hourstests.testutils: fix stderr captureMarkus Lehtonen
2 daysdocs: Although imported trees are important we mean the formerGuido Günther
2 dayspq-rpm: implement --drop optionMarkus Lehtonen
7 daysFix typo in env var namesGuido Günther
7 daysEnable Python3.4 in travisGuido Günther
7 daysgbp.git: Python compatibility fixesMarkus Lehtonen
7 daysRework docker script to allow to build packages as wellrubicks
7 daysgbp.conf: clarify environment variablesGuido Günther
7 daysdeb.source: Fix typoGuido Günther