BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
0.8.xLock flake8 versionGuido Günther5 years
debian/etch-backportsdocument changes and release 0.4.34~bpo40+1Guido Guenther14 years
debian/experimentalgit-dch --git-author: separate author and emailDmitrij Tejblum7 years
debian/jessie-backportsMerge branch 'debian/jessie-backports' of honk:git-buildpackage into debian/j...Guido Günther6 years
debian/lenny-backportsdocument changes and release 0.4.63~bpo50+2Guido Günther13 years
debian/stretchDocument changes and release Günther6 years
debian/wheezydch: Fix error reporting on parsing errorsGuido Günther9 years
debian/wheezy-backportsDocument changes and release 0.6.22~bpo70+1Guido Günther7 years
mastergit-pbuilder: export GBP_{DIST,ARCH,BUILDER} to the environmentGuido Günther9 days
debian/0.9.28commit 227726ed49...Guido Günther6 weeks
debian/0.9.27commit 9a86a58249...Guido Günther2 months
debian/0.9.26commit 02751cec12...Guido Günther3 months
debian/0.9.25commit 71092b7364...Guido Günther9 months
debian/0.9.24commit a79c1d3837...Guido Günther10 months
debian/0.9.23commit ada32de487...Guido Günther14 months
debian/0.9.22commit 89e83bb633...Guido Günther18 months
debian/0.9.21commit 30bcbe2811...Guido Günther19 months
debian/0.9.20commit 719254dcf0...Guido Günther2 years
debian/0.9.19commit 8f893f9993...Guido Günther2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-10-06Document changes and release 0.6.4debian/0.6.4Guido Günther
2013-09-17Backports got integrated into the main archiveGuido Günther
2013-09-17Update to git-pbuilder 1.29Guido Günther
2013-09-16pq: Only print number or tries if we try more than onceGuido Günther
2013-09-16pq: print which patch failed to applyGuido Günther
2013-09-10typo s/bei/be/Osamu Aoki
2013-09-10tests: remove unused import in submodule testsMarkus Lehtonen
2013-09-10tests: upper case global variables in submodule testsMarkus Lehtonen
2013-09-10tests: add some docstrings to git submodule testsMarkus Lehtonen
2013-09-10tests: use eq_ and ok_ from nose tools in submodule testsMarkus Lehtonen