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buildpackage: add sloppy mode to build upstream tarballs
When starting with Debian _and_ git people often stumble over a mismatch between what dpkg-source expects to be in the tarball and the generated tarball for various reasons. Give them a way to say: "Use what I have on my current debian branch" as upstream source. Closes: #861004
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diff --git a/docs/chapters/special.sgml b/docs/chapters/special.sgml
index d7257b5..5000c1a 100644
--- a/docs/chapters/special.sgml
+++ b/docs/chapters/special.sgml
@@ -170,5 +170,63 @@ EOF
The import works incrementally; you can import new versions on top of
already imported ones for e.g. easy review of changes.
+ <sect1 id="gbp.special.sloppytarball">
+ <title>Sloppy tarball creation</title>
+ <para>
+ By default &gbp-buildpackage; uses <filename>debian/changelog</filename> to detect
+ the upstream version and build the corrsponding tarball either via &pristine-tar; or
+ by using <command>git archive</command> directly. This ensures that the tarball matches
+ what's in the Debian archive already.
+ </para>
+ <para>
+ But there might be cases where you don't want to follow these
+ packaging practice and create a fresh <emphasis>dirty</emphasis>
+ tarball that contains additional changes. Such tarballs are not
+ suitable for upload into the archive but might be helpful in local testing.
+ </para>
+ <para>
+ Especially when getting started and when you first want to get a
+ package built and dive into &gbp-dch;, &git-pbuilder; and the 3.0
+ (quilt) format later to find out what exactly
+dpkg-source: info: local changes detected, the modified files are:
+ hello-debhelper/configure
+dpkg-source: error: aborting due to unexpected upstream changes, see /tmp/hello-debhelper_2.8-1.diff.har2Xx
+dpkg-source: info: you can integrate the local changes with dpkg-source --commit
+ </para>
+ <para>
+ For that you can force &gbp-buildpackage; to create a tarball
+ from the <emphasis>debian-branch</emphasis> dropping
+ the <filename>debian/</filename> directory. This will give you a
+ tarball that is very close to your current working copy except
+ for the packaging.
+ </para>
+ &gbp-buildpackage --git-ignore-new --git-force-create --git-upstream-tree=SLOPPY --git-no-pristine-tar
+ <para>
+ The important part is the <emphasis>SLOPPY</emphasis> above. The
+ other options are there to prevent &gbp-buildpackage; from using
+ &pristine-tar;, to force the creation of a new tarball and to
+ not abort if you have changes in your current working copy.
+ If you're still getting an error about <emphasis>unexpected
+ upstream changes</emphasis> make sure you have no uncomitted
+ changes in you workig copy (changes in
+ the <filename>debian/</filename> are o.k.) and no files that are
+ ignored by git
+ via <filename>.gitignore</filename>. A <command>git clean
+ -dfx</command> can help here.
+ </para>
+ <para>
+ Please don't use this tarball to upload to the Debian archive
+ since changes outside <filename>debian/</filename> need to be
+ represented by patches in <filename>debian/patches</filename>.
+ See the <command>dpkg-source</command> manpage for
+ details.
+ </para>
diff --git a/docs/manpages/gbp-buildpackage.sgml b/docs/manpages/gbp-buildpackage.sgml
index 2faced2..63b285e 100644
--- a/docs/manpages/gbp-buildpackage.sgml
+++ b/docs/manpages/gbp-buildpackage.sgml
@@ -537,18 +537,18 @@
<replaceable>INDEX</replaceable> exports the current index whereas
the special name <replaceable>WC</replaceable> exports the current
working copy as is.
- </para>
- <para>
- Note that using <replaceable>WC</replaceable> enables the
- <option>--git-ignore-branch</option>
- and <option>--git-ignore-new</option> options as well
- since when exporting the working copy there's no point in
- enforcing any branch or modification checks.
+ </para>
+ <para>
+ Note that using <replaceable>WC</replaceable> enables the
+ <option>--git-ignore-branch</option>
+ and <option>--git-ignore-new</option> options as well
+ since when exporting the working copy there's no point in
+ enforcing any branch or modification checks.
- <term><option>--git-upstream-tree=</option><replaceable>[TAG|BRANCH|TREEISH]</replaceable>
+ <term><option>--git-upstream-tree=</option><replaceable>[BRANCH|SLOPPY|TAG|TREEISH]</replaceable>
@@ -556,8 +556,13 @@
<replaceable>TAG</replaceable> (the default) looks at a tag corresponding to the
version in the changelog. <replaceable>BRANCH</replaceable> looks at
the upstream branch given via the
- <option>--git-upstream-branch</option> option. Other values are
- interpreted as treeishs.
+ <option>--git-upstream-branch</option> option. The <replaceable>SLOPPY</replaceable>
+ option looks at the debian branch given via
+ the <option>--git-debian-branch</option> and drops
+ the <filename>debian/</filename> dir.
+ </para>
+ <para>
+ Other values are interpreted as treeishs.
This doesn't have any effect if <option>--git-pristine-tar</option>
diff --git a/gbp/scripts/buildpackage.py b/gbp/scripts/buildpackage.py
index 6cac603..0922ff9 100755
--- a/gbp/scripts/buildpackage.py
+++ b/gbp/scripts/buildpackage.py
@@ -336,6 +336,9 @@ def get_upstream_tree(repo, source, options):
if not repo.has_branch(options.upstream_branch):
raise GbpError("%s is not a valid branch" % options.upstream_branch)
upstream_tree = options.upstream_branch
+ elif options.upstream_tree.upper() == 'SLOPPY':
+ tree_name = "%s^{tree}" % options.debian_branch
+ upstream_tree = repo.tree_drop_dirs(tree_name, ["debian"])
upstream_tree = options.upstream_tree
if not repo.has_treeish(upstream_tree):
diff --git a/tests/component/deb/test_buildpackage.py b/tests/component/deb/test_buildpackage.py
index f829411..b149936 100644
--- a/tests/component/deb/test_buildpackage.py
+++ b/tests/component/deb/test_buildpackage.py
@@ -19,6 +19,7 @@
import hashlib
import os
import subprocess
+import tarfile
from tests.component import (ComponentTestBase,
@@ -141,6 +142,21 @@ class TestBuildpackage(ComponentTestBase):
self.assertTrue(os.path.exists(t), "Tarball %s not found" % t)
+ def test_sloppy_tarball_generation(self, repo):
+ """Test that generating tarball from Debian branch works"""
+ tarball = '../hello-debhelper_2.8.orig.tar.gz'
+ self.add_file(repo, 'foo.txt')
+ self._test_buildpackage(repo, ['--git-force-create',
+ '--git-upstream-tree=SLOPPY'])
+ self.assertTrue(os.path.exists(tarball))
+ t = tarfile.open(name=tarball, mode="r:gz")
+ names = t.getnames()
+ for f in ['hello-debhelper-2.8/build-aux',
+ 'hello-debhelper-2.8/foo.txt']:
+ self.assertIn(f, names)
+ self.assertNotIn('hello-debhelper-2.8/debian', names)
+ @RepoFixtures.quilt30()
def test_export_dir_buildpackage(self, repo):
"""Test that building with a export dir works"""
self._test_buildpackage(repo, ['--git-export-dir=../foo/bar'])