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document exported env vars
and add example posttag hook
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<sect1 id="gbp.building.push">
<title>Pushing into a remote repository</title>
<para>If you want to push your changes automatically after a succesful build and tag
- you can use &git-buildpackage;'s posttag hook:
+ you can use &git-buildpackage;'s posttag hook. A very simple invocation would look like this:
<command>git-buildpackage</command> <option>--git-tag</option> <option>--git-posttag</option>=<replaceable>"git push && git push --tags"</replaceable>
- This assumes you have set up a remote repository to push to in either
- <filename>.git/config</filename> or
- <filename>.git/remotes/</filename>. Setting up the posttag hook in
- <filename>.gbp.conf</filename> looks like:
+ This assumes you have set up a remote repository to push to in <filename>.git/config</filename>.
+ The following hook pushes out the created tag to were you pulled from
+ and forwards the remote branch to that position:
-<option>posttag</option>=<replaceable>"git push git.debian.org && git push --tags git.debian.org"</replaceable>
+#!/bin/sh -e
+# gbp-push: post tag hook to push out the newly created tag and to forward the
+# remote branch to that position
+if ! REMOTE=$(git config --get branch."${GBP_BRANCH}".remote); then
+ REMOTE=origin
+if [ "$GBP_TAG" ]; then
+ echo "Pushing $GBP_TAG to $REMOTE"
+ git push "$REMOTE" "$GBP_TAG"
+ echo "GBP_TAG no set."
+ exit 1
+if [ "$GBP_SHA1" ] && [ "$GBP_BRANCH" ]; then
+ git push "$REMOTE" "$GBP_SHA1":"$GBP_BRANCH"
+ echo "GBP_SHA1 or GBP_BRANCH not set."
+ exit 1
+echo "done."
+ <replaceable>GBP_TAG</replaceable>, <replaceable>GBP_SHA1</replaceable>
+ and <replaceable>GBP_BRANCH</replaceable> are passed to the hook via the
+ environment. To call this hook automatically upon tag creation add:
+ to your <filename>.gbp.conf</filename> and make sure <filename>gbp-push</filename>
+ is somewhere in your <replaceable>$PATH</replaceable>.