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<para>If &git-buildpackage; doesn't find a valid upstream tarball it will create
one by looking at the tag matching the upstream version, if no tag can be
found it uses the tip of the current <option>upstream-branch</option>. Any
- other treeish objecto to create the upstream tarball from can be given with
+ other treeish object to create the upstream tarball from can be given with
the <option>--upstream-branch</option> option.</para>
<para>Once you're satisfied with the build and want to do a release you commit all
your changes and issue:</para>
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@
<para>This will again build the debian package and tag the final result after
extracting the current version from the changelog. If you want &gpg; signed
tags you can use the <option>--git-sign</option> and
- <option>--git-keyid</option> options. To safe typing these option can be
+ <option>--git-keyid</option> options. To save typing these option can be
specified via the configuration files. You can futhermore change the tag
format used when creating tags with the <option>debian-tag</option>
option, the default is <replaceable>debian/&lt;version&gt;</replaceable>.</para>