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&git-buildpackage;. This builds the upstream tarball as will be described below and
invokes &debuild; to build the package. To use another build command you
can use the <option>--git-builder</option> option as described later in the manual
- but &debuild; is nice since it can invoke <productname>linda</productname>
- und <productname>lintian</productname>.
+ but &debuild; is nice since it can invoke <productname>lintian</productname>.
During the development phase (when you're either not on the
<emphasis>debian-branch</emphasis> or when you have uncommitted changes in
your repository) you'll usually use:
@@ -60,6 +59,8 @@ export-dir=../build-area
# to use the same build area for all packages use an absolute path:
+ &git-buildpackage; will cleanup the build-area after a successful build. If
+ you want to keep the build tree use <replaceable>--git-dont-purge</replaceable>.
<sect1 id="gbp.building.push">