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+git-buildpackage (0.6.0~git20130314) unstable; urgency=low
+ [ Guido Günther ]
+ * [4a5fa0d] Ignore rope project files as generated by ropemacs
+ * [c6b7bc2] gbp-pq: Improve patch header write out. Avoid trailing new
+ lines in the patch header when reexporing patches. to avoid diffs when
+ nothing changed.
+ * [2fa7cac] gbp.log: lowercase the levelname too match the output before the
+ switch to Python's logging module
+ * [00ed38f] gbp.log: Improve error message on broken color lists
+ * [744f85b] gbp-create-remote-repo: Set HEAD in remote repo
+ to debian branch (Closes: #692006)
+ * [3591792] git-dch: Allow to create changelogs when not on a branch.
+ This makes snapshot changelog generation e.g. within jenkins builds
+ simpler since jenkins by defaults checkouts out the commit without
+ creating a branch.
+ * [5176d2a] Check the sha1 doesn't exceed 40 bytes
+ * [c097397] Document --git-pristine-tar-commit
+ * [9e30bf2] Add component test initialization very heavily based on code by
+ Markus Lehtonen
+ * [3820adc] Add test data submodule
+ * [9ec98c5] Move over import dsc test from external test suite. Move over
+ the first test from our external (shell based) test suite to the component
+ tests.
+ * [80b5c64] Add missing --git- (LP: #1112831)
+ * [b678c6a] Fix typo.
+ Thanks to Andreas Beckmann (Closes: #700443)
+ * [4ef1081] examples: fix logging.
+ Thanks to Carsten Schoenert
+ [ Markus Lehtonen ]
+ * [83c2c3f] log: rewrite the module to use Python logging module. Replaces
+ the Logger with a new one, derived from the Logger class of the Python
+ standard library. Colorized output is handled by a separate handler class.
+ * [48c48c9] log: add support for setting the color scheme. Implements
+ changeable color schemes in the gbp.log module. Color scheme is given as a
+ colon-separated list, with one color for each log level:
+ '<debug_color>:<info_color>:<warning_colro>:<error_color>'. Colors can be
+ given as an integer number (ANSI terminal color code) or color name (.e.g
+ 'red'). Missing or empty fields are interpreted as using the default color
+ for that log level.
+ * [ebbe635] New configuration option for setting the output color scheme.
+ Adds a new command line and config file option 'color-scheme' for
+ selecting the colors used in log output.
+ * [ec2b74c] GitRepository/strip_sha1: fix length checking.
+ Accept longer sha1 than what was asked for. The length option given to
+ git is merely a "wish to get a sha1 of this length". Git may also return
+ longer sha1 if truncating to given length would give
+ ambiguous/non-unique sha1.
+ * [c9011f7] Tristate: allow to init from another Tristate object
+ * [4b719cd] Tristate: drop broken and unused is_valid_state() method
+ * [4bdfe2a] log: make color setting a tristate on/off/auto.
+ Makes it possible to force color=on e.g. when piping output. Also, moves
+ all 'auto' logic to one single place, i.e. the streamhandler.
+ * [ab7a732] pq: do author guessing outside the apply_patch functions.
+ Call the author parsing/guessing function outside the apply patch
+ functions. This way, the caller can decide when to do the guessing, and
+ with which parameters. Now the apply_patch functions do what their name
+ suggests.
+ * [9c80f14] buildpackage: add 'force' option to write_wc()
+ To select whether to include file that would otherwise be ignored by
+ gitignore (.gitignore or .git/info/exclude).
+ * [5e6f163] tests.testutils: baseclass for testing commandline tools.
+ Introduce a new baseclass to be utilized in testing the git-buildpackage
+ command line tools.
+ * [af0ee43] pq/apply_and_commit_patch: fix date parsing.
+ GitModifier doesn't support dates in the format used in git format-patch
+ emails.
+ * [97cd5bd] gbp-clone: fix return value in case of GitRepositoryError
+ * [377de2d] gbp-pull: fix --depth cmdline option
+ -- Guido Günther <agx@sigxcpu.org> Thu, 14 Mar 2013 07:16:49 +0100
git-buildpackage (0.6.0~git20121124) unstable; urgency=low
[ Guido Günther ]