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docs: simplify commands
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@@ -149,8 +149,7 @@ by version number.
simple. You can either rename that branch to the default
<option>upstream-branch</option> name <emphasis>upstream</emphasis> with:
- &gitcmd; branch upstream theupstream-branch
- &gitcmd; branch <option>-D</option> theupstream-branch
+ &gitcmd; branch -m upstream theupstream-branch
or you can tell &gbp-buildpackage; the name of the branch to use as
@@ -174,8 +173,7 @@ EOF
point. So use &gitkcmd; or &gitcmd;-log to locate the commit-id of that commit
and create the upstream branch from there, e.g.:
- COMMIT_ID=`&gitcmd; log --pretty=oneline | tail -1 | awk '{ print $1 }'`
- &gitcmd; branch upstream $COMMIT_ID
+ &gitcmd; branch upstream $(&gitcmd; log --format='%H' | tail -1)
The important thing here is that the <envar>COMMIT_ID</envar> specifies a
point on the master branch that carried <emphasis>only</emphasis> the