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+git-buildpackage (0.6.23) experimental; urgency=medium
+ [ Markus Lehtonen ]
+ * [7a503e9] pq: move switch_pq() to common.
+ * [cb9271f] GitRepository: add diff_status method.
+ This is a method of getting the filename and status information of a
+ diff. That is, a list of files that changed and their status, "added",
+ "modified" etc.
+ * [410e613] GitRepository.create_branch: add 'force' option
+ * [a84f6c1] ComponentTestBase: add a per-class toplevel temp dir
+ * [0e7cb0d] ComponentTestBase: add check_files() method
+ * [194b6b8] ComponentTestBase: add dirs argument to _check_repo_state()
+ Make difference between regular files and directories, eliminating the
+ requirement of listing directories in the file list.
+ * [01470e1] gbp-dch: fix handling of the '--meta' option.
+ Make it effective again - previously it was totally ignored. Also,
+ change it's default value to True to match the current behavior.
+ * [f48f0ff] notify: catch RuntimeError when importing pynotify.
+ Work around a problem in some distros (e.g. Fedora) where "import
+ pynotify" crashes in RuntimeError in some cases, e.g. when DISPLAY env
+ variable is not set.
+ * [7df4d8c] log: fix auto colorizing for custom streams.
+ Check for existence of isatty() method in the stream object. Some custom
+ streams (e.g. in nose) do not necessarily have this.
+ * [4cd6627] buildpackage/dump_tree: add 'recursive' option.
+ For selecting whether to dump all the files recursively or just the top
+ level directory of the tree.
+ * [ff4cc8b] config: read the right config if run from subdir.
+ A step towards being able to run GBP tools from subdirectories.
+ Now expands '%(top_dir)s' and '%(git_dir)s' in config file path to root
+ of the working directory and git metadata directory, respectively.
+ Also, adds a new method _read_config_file() in preparation for
+ supporting per-tree config files.
+ Fixes tests.test_Config: currently the only correct way to define the
+ config file(s) to be parsed is by using the GBP_CONF_FILES environment
+ variable.
+ * [60479af] Introduce gbp-pq-rpm.
+ Initial version of gbp-pq-rpm - a tool for managing patch queues for rpm
+ packages. The functionality more or less corresponds to that of the
+ (Debian) gbp-pq. The only major difference probably being (in addition
+ to the obvious of working with .spec files instead of debian/) is that
+ patches are always imported on top of the upstream version, not on top
+ of the packaging branch (which might not even contain any source code).
+ (Closes: #771215)
+ [ Ed Bartosh ]
+ * [76739f8] GitRepository: Implement status method. Simple wrapper to the
+ git-status command.
+ [ Guido Günther ]
+ * [578e394] pq: print which patch got just applied
+ * [e098857] test data: Add .git for bare repository
+ * [813d01d] Fix argument type
+ * [15663e7] import-orig: Add --download option to download tarballs via HTTP
+ (Closes: #747101)
+ -- Guido Günther <agx@sigxcpu.org> Sun, 18 Jan 2015 15:29:57 +0100
git-buildpackage (0.6.22) unstable; urgency=medium
* [3d8939d] git.vfs: fix close method. Preventing a infinite recursion