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authorGuido Guenther <agx@sigxcpu.org>2008-05-25 23:40:10 +0200
committerGuido Guenther <agx@sigxcpu.org>2008-05-26 18:12:05 +0200
commitcc9c42a6b891089d7c14e286aa3f8f4d39e5d3df (patch)
parente6dd31e3cacb03a767d831c87f465b576425c101 (diff)
Try harder to find/build the upstream tarball
don't skip pristine-tar if the tarball-dir is also specified. Only fail if no-create-orig is given. Closes: #482786
1 files changed, 8 insertions, 6 deletions
diff --git a/git-buildpackage b/git-buildpackage
index 7b278af..d9e53a3 100755
--- a/git-buildpackage
+++ b/git-buildpackage
@@ -237,13 +237,15 @@ def main(argv):
# Get/build the orig.tar.gz if necessary:
if not du.is_native(cp):
- if du.has_orig(cp, output_dir):
- pass
- elif options.tarball_dir: # separate tarball dir specified
- print "Getting orig tarbball from %s" % tarball_dir
+ # first look up if we have a tarball at tarball_dir
+ if options.tarball_dir and not du.has_orig(cp, output_dir):
+ print "Lookig for orig tarball '%s' from '%s'" % (du.orig_file(cp), tarball_dir)
if not du.copy_orig(cp, tarball_dir, output_dir):
- raise GbpError, "Cannot copy orig tarball from %s" % tarball_dir
- elif not options.no_create_orig:
+ print "Orig tarball '%s' not found at '%s'" % (du.orig_file(cp), tarball_dir)
+ else:
+ print "Orig tarball '%s' found at '%s'" % (du.orig_file(cp), tarball_dir)
+ # build an orig unless the user forbidds it
+ if not options.no_create_orig and not du.has_orig(cp, output_dir):
if not pristine_tar_build_orig(repo, cp, output_dir, options):
git_archive_build_orig(repo, cp, output_dir, options)