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Add README.source example
This can be used for gbp managed projects. Different tools are mentioned in different paragraphs so they can easily be extended or deleted if unused. Improvements are very welcome!
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+This package is maintained with git-buildpackage(1). It follows DEP-14
+for branch naming (e.g. using debian/sid for the current version
+in Debian unstable).
+It uses pristine-tar(1) to store enough information in git to generate
+bit identical tarballs when building the package without having
+downloaded an upstream tarball first.
+When working with patches it is recommended to use "gbp pq import" to
+import the patches, modify the source and then use "gbp pq export
+--commit" to commit the modifications.
+The changelog is generated using "gbp dch" so if you submit any
+changes don't bother to add changelog entries but rather provide
+a nice git commit message that can then end up in the changelog.
+It is recommended to build the package with pbuilder using:
+ gbp builpackage --git-pbuilder
+For information on how to set up a pbuilder environment see the
+git-pbuilder(1) manpage. In short:
+ DIST=sid git-pbuilder create
+ gbp clone <project-url>
+ cd <project>
+ gbp buildpackage --git-pbuilder
+ -- Guido <agx@bogon.m.sigxcpu.org>, Wed, 2 Dec 2015 18:51:15 +0100