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docs: document file layout and some interfaces
Gbp-Dch: Ignore
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@@ -27,3 +27,34 @@ mailing list or add it to a bug report against git-buildpackage on
+ gbp/scripts/*.py - the actual gbp commands (buildpackage, dch, …)
+ gbp/scripts/common/ - code shared between Debian and RPM commands
+ gbp/deb/ - Debian package handling (control, dsc, …)
+ gbp/rpm/ - RPM package handling (spec files, …)
+ gbp/git/ - Git repository interaction
+ tests/*.py - unit tests
+ tests/doctests - doctests that also serve as examples
+ tests/component/ - component tests that invoke actual commands
+A gbp command in gbp/scripts/<commmand>.py must provide these interfaces:
+When one invokes `gbp <command>` gbp/scripts/<commmand>.py is imported by
+ gbp/scripts/supercommand.py
+which then invokes it's *main* function with all given command line arguments.
+It is expected to return with the exit status that should be passed back to the
+When one invokes `gbp config <command>` gbp/scripts/<commmand>.py is imported by
+ gbp/scripts/config.py
+which then invokes it's *build_parser* function with the command name as argument.
+It is expected to return a GbpConfigParser with all config files parsed.