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or tag instead of <option>HEAD</option> if you want to add further changelog
entries - or you can (of course) use <option>--auto</option> again.
+<sect1 id="gbp.release.numbers">
+ <title>Special snapshot numbers</title>
+ <para>If the auto incrementing of the snapshot number doesn't suite you needs you
+ can give any python expression that evaluates to a positive integer to
+ calculate the new snapshot number:</para>
+git-dch -S -a --snapshot-number=1
+git-dch -S -a --snapshot-number='snapshot + 2'
+git-dch -S -a --snapshot-number='os.popen("git-log --pretty=oneline | wc -l").readlines()[0]
+git-dch -S -a --snapshot-number=`git-log --pretty=oneline debian/0.3.3 | wc -l`