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This creates the <emphasis>dfsg_clean</emphasis> branch from the tip of
your <emphasis>upstream</emphasis> branch. Then, when importing a new
- upstream version you import the new version on the
+ upstream version, you import the new version on the
<emphasis>upstream</emphasis> branch as usual and just don't merge to the
master branch by default:
@@ -46,22 +46,18 @@ cleanup-script.sh
&gitcmd; <option>branch</option> <replaceable>nmu</replaceable>
- To import an NMU instead of a new upstream version you can use:
+ To import an NMU instead of a new upstream version simply import the
+ unpacked NUMs source tree into your repository:
&gitcmd; checkout master
-&git-import-orig; -u 10-1.1 --upstream-branch=nmu nmu-10-1.1.tar.gz
+&git-import-orig; -u 10-1.1 --upstream-branch=nmu /path/to/nmu-10/
This will import the NMU on the <emphasis>nmu</emphasis> branch instead of
the <emphasis>upstream</emphasis> branch but merge the changes to the
<emphasis>master</emphasis> branch as usual.
- <note>
- <para>
- You need to have the NMU as a single tar.gz, you can't use the
- dsc and diff.gz here, this will be fixed in a later version.
- <para>