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document default tag formats (Closes: #464100)
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<option>--git-keyid</option> options. To safe typing these option can be
specified via the configuration files. You can futhermore change the tag
format used when creating tags with the <option>debian-tag</option>
- option.</para>
+ option, the default is <replaceable>debian/&lt;version&gt;</replaceable>.</para>
<sect1 id="gbp.building.export">
<title>Using a separate build dir</title>
<para>Tools like &svn-buildpackage; use a separate build-area. To achieve a similar behaviour
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&git-import-orig; <filename>/path/to/package_0.2.tar.bz2</filename>
&git-import-orig; <filename>/path/to/package-0.2/</filename>
- This puts the upstream souces onto the <option>upstream-branch</option>.
- The result of this is then merged onto the <option>debian-branch</option>
+ This puts the upstream souces onto the <option>upstream-branch</option> and
+ tags them accordingly (the default tag format is
+ <replaceable>upstream/&lt;version&gt;</replaceable>).
+ The result is then merged onto the <option>debian-branch</option>
and a new &debian; changelog entry is created. You can again specify
different branch names via the <option>--upstream-branch</option> and
<option>--debian-branch</option> options. You can also filter out content