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document short options and snapshot mode
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- &git-dch; reads git commit messages and generates the debian changelog from
- it. If no arguments are given &git-dch; starts from the last tagged debian
+ &git-dch; reads git commit messages and generates the Debian changelog from
+ it. If no arguments are given &git-dch; starts from the last tagged Debian
package version up to the current tip of the current branch. If the
distribution of the topmost section in
<filename>debian/changelog</filename> is <emphasis>UNRELEASED</emphasis>
@@ -95,7 +95,8 @@
- <term><option>--auto</option></term>
+ <term><option>--auto</option>,
+ <option>-a</option></term>
<para>Guess the last commit documented in the changelog from the
snapshot banner (or from the last tag if no snapshot banner exists).
@@ -125,7 +126,8 @@
- <term><option>--snapshot</option></term>
+ <term><option>--snapshot</option>,
+ <option>-S</option></term>
<para>create a snapshot release entry. This adds a snapshot release
number and a warning banner to the changelog entry. The release
@@ -141,7 +143,8 @@
- <term><option>--release</option></term>
+ <term><option>--release</option>,
+ <option>-R</option></term>
<para>Remove any snapshot release banners and version suffixes, set
the current distribution to <replaceable>unstable</replaceable> and
@@ -149,7 +152,8 @@
- <term><option>--new-version=</option><replaceable>version</replaceable>
+ <term><option>--new-version=</option><replaceable>version</replaceable>,
+ <option>-N</option> <replaceable>version</replaceable>
<para>add a new changelog section with version
@@ -177,6 +181,25 @@
+ <title>Snapshot mode</title>
+ <para>
+ Snapshot mode can be used for quick test and install cycles without
+ having to worry about version numbers or changelog entries.
+ </para><para>
+ When using <option>--snapshot</option> or <option>-S</option> &git-dch;
+ uses a pseudo header in the Debian changelog to remember the last git
+ commit it added a changelog entry for. It also sets a version number
+ ending in
+ <replaceable>~&lt;snaspshotnumber&gt;.gbp&lt;commitid&gt;</replaceable>.
+ It automatically increments the snapshot number on subsequent invocations
+ of &git-dch; <option>-S</option> so that later snapshots automatically
+ have a higher version number. To leave snapshot mode invoke &git-dch;
+ with the <option>--release</option> option. This removes the pseudo
+ heaader and unmangles the version number so the released version has a
+ higher version number than the snapshots.
+ </para>
+ </refsect1>
+ <refsect1>