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+git-buildpackage (0.6.0~git20120803) unstable; urgency=low
+ [ Guido Günther ]
+ * [6287b0d] gbp.conf: Make config option printing more consistent
+ * [9430ee1] Make TestDir testcase use a newly created directory neeeded for
+ the upcoming packagename/version parsing support
+ * [e9d239b] UpstreamSource: automatically detect package name and versions
+ from directories of the form packagename-<version>
+ * [41482a3] tests: test GitRepository.get_commit_info()
+ * [dd593a0] GitRepository: return GitModifier object instead of separate
+ fields this make sure the number of return values doesn't stays sane when
+ also returning timestamps and committer information.
+ * [92a744e] GitRepository: Add test that covers remote branches in
+ has_branch()
+ * [e6e0150] Make exception syntax consistent
+ * [d3ee4b0] GitRepository: Make rev_parse's short option an int everywhere
+ * [891ea2b] git.repository.GitRepository.add_remote_repo: use GitArgs
+ * [036db95] gbp.git.GitRepository: Add remove_remote
+ * [4db02e5] Fix variable renaming
+ * [f4da964] GitModifier: More flexible date handling.
+ Allow to pass in the date as datetime object, timestamp or git raw date.
+ and allow to retrieve these values. This make constructing GitModifiers
+ from python simpler.
+ * [cd829c9] GitRepository: raise GitRepositoryError on git errors.
+ Raise GitRepositoryError in cases where CommandExecFailed (from
+ GitCommand) was previously silently passed forward.
+ Heavily based on a patch by Markus Lehtonen.
+ * [7a9f947] GitModifier: use __getitem__ to fetch date
+ instead of accessing __dict__ directly which only has _date.
+ * [c4524f8] GitModifier: add tests for dict interface
+ * [c47deff] Remove multiple spaces
+ * [56a8672] Skip tests requiring devscripts if dch is not there
+ so tests don't fail on rpm based systems.
+ * [5961a4d] Test help output by importing the modules
+ so we get correct coverage information for the scripts
+ * [68efed1] gbp.command_wrappers: Reformat to 80 chars line length
+ * [aa2ba85] Add tests for gbp.deb.{DpkgCompareVersions,DscFile}
+ * [83577af] Move uscan to separate class
+ * [776cbb7] Improve error reporting from uscan
+ by parsing out the warnings and error fields from the dehs output.
+ [ Markus Lehtonen ]
+ * [9b68e37] import-orig: move is_link_target() to common module.
+ This change makes is_link_target() re-usable in the upcoming RPM-tools.
+ * [36e0986] common/pq: use strip in apply_and_commit_patch()
+ Use the strip information of the patch when applying patches. Also,
+ changes GitRepository.apply_patch() to accept integer values as 'strip'
+ argument.
+ * [cc1ebfd] PristineTar: move Debian-specific stuff to DebianPristineTar.
+ Continuation to the PristineTar refactoring, makes the "common"
+ PristineTar independent of DebianPkgPolicy. This commit moves the
+ Debian-specific has_commit() and checkout() methods to DebianPristineTar
+ class and replaces them with more generic functions in the base class.
+ Also, drops the Debian-specific get_commit() method completely, as it
+ was not used outside the PristineTar class itself.
+ * [18fc698] GitRepository: fix process cwd in _git_inout()
+ * [1e85978] GitRepository: make get_commit_info() more robust.
+ Now uses git-show instead of git-log. This is needed for further
+ enhancements (namely to get name-status for merge commits). Also, use
+ null-character as the field separator which makes parsing more reliable.
+ The method now returns 'body' of the commit message as is, without
+ stripping or splitting to lines.
+ In addition, get_commit_info() now uses GitArgs and _git_inout() instead
+ of the deprecated _git_getoutput().
+ * [2c668bf] GitRepository/get_commit_info: check return value of git command
+ correctly
+ * [4d56ab6] GitRepository/rev_parse: add new argument 'short'
+ Adds a new argument to get abbreviated SHA1.
+ Also, modifies rev_parse() to use GitArgs class.
+ * [ba55f9e] GitRepository/get_author_info: return user.name as name.
+ Return users full name (user.name) instead of email (user.email) as the
+ 'name' of the author when taking the value from git config.
+ * [21ac2d8] GitRepository: option to ignore untracked in is_clean()
+ Add an option to ignore untracked files when checking if the repository
+ is clean.
+ * [7f9776f] GitRepository/get_commit_info: add author timestamp.
+ Add author timestamps to the info returned by get_commit_info() method.
+ * [32f725f] GitRepository/get_commit_info: add committer info.
+ Add committer to the info returned by get_commit_info() method. Returns
+ committer name, email and timestamp as a GitModifier object.
+ * [6e4138f] GitRepository/get_commit_info: add file status.
+ Add file status and name to the info returned by the get_commit_info()
+ method.
+ [ Ed Bartosh ]
+ * [9c54298] deb.git: Fixed typo in method name
+ the double underscore prefix was dropped ages ago.
+ [ Daniel Dehennin ]
+ * [b970ca0] Test behavior of gbp.scripts.dch.main().
+ * tests/11_test_dch_main.py: Test common cases with "--release" and
+ "--snapshot". Try 2 consecutive snapshots to check for merged entries.
+ -- Guido Günther <agx@sigxcpu.org> Fri, 03 Aug 2012 19:26:48 +0200
git-buildpackage (0.6.0~git20120601) unstable; urgency=low
* Upload to unstable