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+This package is maintained with git-buildpackage(1). It follows DEP-14
+for branch naming (e.g. using debian/sid for the current version
+in Debian unstable).
+It uses pristine-tar(1) to store enough information in git to generate
+bit identical tarballs when building the package without having
+downloaded an upstream tarball first.
+When working with patches it is recommended to use "gbp pq import" to
+import the patches, modify the source and then use "gbp pq export
+--commit" to commit the modifications.
+The changelog is generated using "gbp dch" so if you submit any
+changes don't bother to add changelog entries but rather provide
+a nice git commit message that can then end up in the changelog.
+It is recommended to build the package with pbuilder using:
+ gbp builpackage --git-pbuilder
+For information on how to set up a pbuilder environment see the
+git-pbuilder(1) manpage. In short:
+ DIST=sid git-pbuilder create
+ gbp clone <project-url>
+ cd <project>
+ gbp buildpackage --git-pbuilder
+ -- Guido <agx@bogon.m.sigxcpu.org>, Wed, 2 Dec 2015 18:51:15 +0100