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* New upstream version (Closes: #1000) - thanks to cool upstream
You can use the <option>Closes:</option> tag multiple times.
+There are several tags to further customize what (and how) commit messages get
+included into the changelog:
+To exclude a commit from the generated changelog use:
+Git-Dch: Ignore
+This is e.g. useful if you're just fixing up a previous commit and couldn't
+ammend it.
+To only include the short description in the commit and skip the body use:
+Git-Dch: Short
+This only takes effect when running &git-dch; with the <option>--full</option> option.
Usually changelog entries should correspond to a single &git; commit. In this case it's
convenient to include the commit id in the changelog entry.
This has the advantage that it's easy for people to identify changes without