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put this into <filename>.git/gbp.conf</filename> in one of your &git; repositories.
+ <sect1 id="gbp.special.hacking">
+ <title>Working on random packages</title>
+ <para>
+ Whenever you need to work on an arbitrary Debian package you can check it
+ right into &git;:
+apt-get source --download-only <filename>package</filename>
+git-import-dsc <filename>package</filename>*.dsc
+cd <filename>package</filename>
+git-branch debian
+ <para>
+ This puts the orig.tar.gz onto the <emphasis>upstream</emphasis> branch and
+ the Debian patch onto branch <emphasis>debian</emphasis>. Now you can
+ easily modify the package on the master branch, revert changes you made,
+ create other branches for testing, see what changes you made, etc.. When
+ finished just do</para>
+git-commit -a
+git-diff debian --
+ <para>
+ to get a nice patch that can be submitted to the Debian BTS.
+ </para>
+ </sect1>