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1 files changed, 2 insertions, 4 deletions
diff --git a/git-dch b/git-dch
index 5a8a2020..1d3843a4 100755
--- a/git-dch
+++ b/git-dch
@@ -183,8 +183,6 @@ def parse_commit(repo, commit,meta, short):
def shortlog_to_dch(repo, commits, meta, short):
"""convert the changes in git shortlog format to debian changelog format"""
- commit_re = re.compile('\s+(?P<msg>.*)')
- author_re = re.compile('(?P<author>.*) \([0-9]+\)')
author = 'Unknown'
for commit in commits:
@@ -225,8 +223,8 @@ def main(argv):
help="mark as snapshot build")
parser.add_option("-a", "--auto", action="store_true", dest="auto", default=False,
help="autocomplete changelog from last snapshot or tag")
- parser.add_option("--meta", action="store_true", dest="meta", default=False,
- help="parse meta tags in commit messages")
+ parser.add_config_file_option(option_name="meta", dest="meta",
+ help="parse meta tags in commit messages", action="store_true")
parser.add_option("--full", action="store_false", dest="short", default=True,
help="include the full commit message")
(options, args) = parser.parse_args(argv[1:])