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* document changes and releasedebian/0.3.6Guido Guenther2007-10-03
* detect upstream version from common tarball formates (Closes: #443306)Guido Guenther2007-10-03
* Create upstream branch when importing into an empty archive (Closes: #443305)Guido Guenther2007-10-03
* document changes and releasedebian/0.3.5Guido Guenther2007-10-03
* fix error caseGuido Guenther2007-10-03
* update vim modelines and remove whitespacesGuido Guenther2007-10-03
* mention git-dchGuido Guenther2007-10-03
* document the "UNRELEASED" caseGuido Guenther2007-10-03
* don't create a new changelog section if the current package is unreleasedGuido Guenther2007-10-03
* short paragraph on hacking on arbitrary debian packagesGuido Guenther2007-10-03
* Merge ../git-buildpackage.develGuido Guenther2007-09-30
| * update TODOGuido Guenther2007-09-30
| * add git-dchGuido Guenther2007-09-30
* | s/reopsitory/repository/ - thanks to Loïc Minier (Closes: #444702)Guido Guenther2007-09-30
* document changesdebian/0.3.4Guido Guenther2007-09-08
* fix error pathGuido Guenther2007-09-03
* add filter and allow to pass PBULDER_OPTSGuido Guenther2007-08-29
* introduce --git-no-create-orig to skip building of any orig.tar.gzGuido Guenther2007-08-23
* document changesdebian/0.3.3Guido Guenther2007-08-20
* document optionGuido Guenther2007-08-20
* Merge ../git-buildpackage.develGuido Guenther2007-08-20
| * support --debian-branchGuido Guenther2007-08-20
* | don't hardcode -i\.git -I.git as build argumentsGuido Guenther2007-08-20
* document changesdebian/0.3.2Guido Guenther2007-06-27
* how to start a package from scratchGuido Guenther2007-06-26
* We don't use git_load_dirs internally anymoreGuido Guenther2007-06-26
* allow to import into empty git archivesGuido Guenther2007-06-26
* document changesdebian/0.3.1Guido Guenther2007-06-11
* don't fail imports on large archivesGuido Guenther2007-06-11
* print a sensible error message, when a git repository isn't a debian source p...Guido Guenther2007-06-08
* document changes and update tododebian/0.3.0Guido Guenther2007-05-29
* still suggest git_load_dirsGuido Guenther2007-05-29
* document --filter and remove git_load_dirs referenzesGuido Guenther2007-05-29
* don't use ret to check repository cleanessGuido Guenther2007-05-29
* Merge ../git-buildpackage into locals/import-orig-by-indexGuido Guenther2007-05-28
| * gbp.conf is per working copy, not per repositoryGuido Guenther2007-05-25
| * remove stray ';'Guido Guenther2007-05-25
| * document changesdebian/0.2.31Guido Guenther2007-05-24
| * make the documented command line arguments match realityGuido Guenther2007-05-24
| * use --upstream-version instead of --upstreamversion to match the other -upstr...Guido Guenther2007-05-24
| * document changesdebian/0.2.30Guido Guenther2007-05-24
| * strip epoch from upstream versionGuido Guenther2007-05-24
* | don't use git_load_dirs for importsGuido Guenther2007-05-28
* allow to import an already unpacked source treeGuido Guenther2007-05-20
* raise GBPError in import_orig instead of checking the return valueGuido Guenther2007-05-20
* git-import-orig: more specific error message, when the merge merge failsdebian/0.2.29Guido Guenther2007-05-16
* releasedebian/0.2.28Guido Guenther2007-05-13
* document changesGuido Guenther2007-05-13
* support import of tar.bz2 in git-import-origGuido Guenther2007-05-13
* typo fixesAurélien GÉRÔME2007-05-04