Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Document changes and release 0.5.13debian/0.5.13Guido Günther2010-12-27
* Allow to drop numbers from patch names via --no-patch-numbersGuido Günther2010-12-27
* Rewrite gbp-pq in pythonGuido Günther2010-12-26
* Initialize Logger.get_color{,off}Guido Günther2010-12-25
* TypoGuido Günther2010-12-25
* Update the repo after the first importGuido Günther2010-12-24
* Document changes and release 0.5.12debian/0.5.12Guido Günther2010-12-20
* Add missing optionsGuido Günther2010-12-20
* Add option to open editorGuido Günther2010-12-20
* Change --ignore-same-version to --allow-same-versionGuido Günther2010-12-20
* Favor ARCH environment variable over dpkg's architectureGuido Günther2010-12-17
* Remove noopGuido Günther2010-12-13
* Fix debug string formattingGuido Günther2010-12-13
* Fix error detected by pycheckerGuido Günther2010-12-10
* Move Debian tag with --ignore-same-versionGuido Günther2010-12-10
* Add move_tagGuido Günther2010-12-10
* Fix --ignore-same-versionGuido Günther2010-12-10
* Introduce functionsGuido Günther2010-12-09
* Add --multimaint support to git-dchRob Browning2010-12-09
* Better wrap thanks and closesGuido Günther2010-12-09
* Drop debugging print statementGuido Günther2010-12-07
* git-dch: fix --id-length != 0Guido Günther2010-12-06
* Add git-dch --customizations FILE to allow changelog entry customizationRob Browning2010-12-06
* Add "*.pyc" to .gitignore.Rob Browning2010-12-06
* Use "log -n1" instead of "show" to retrieve commit log information.Rob Browning2010-12-06
* Remove unused commit_msg variable from git-dch.Rob Browning2010-12-06
* Fix off by one error by not countingGuido Günther2010-12-03
* Also allow for 'issue' as bugnumber prefixGuido Günther2010-11-25
* Document changes and release 0.5.11debian/0.5.11Guido Günther2010-11-16
* Add logging functionsGuido Günther2010-11-16
* Fix download locationGuido Günther2010-11-08
* Expand environment variables and '~' in gbp.conf pathsBenoît Knecht2010-11-02
* Don't put generated gbp/gbp_version.py into the source packageGuido Günther2010-10-14
* Merge branch 'master' into experimentalGuido Günther2010-10-07
| * Document changes and release 0.5.10debian/0.5.10Guido Günther2010-09-27
| * Cleanup generated manpageGuido Günther2010-09-27
| * Warn if not invoked by git-buildpackageGuido Günther2010-09-27
* | Document --git-overlayYaroslav Halchenko2010-09-29
* | Makes uscan options explicitGuido Günther2010-09-29
* | Fall back to source only changes fileGuido Günther2010-09-29
* | Add --[no]-interactive to avoid promptsGuido Günther2010-09-17
* | Let git-import-orig find the changelog when not on the debian-branch.Matthijs Kooijman2010-09-17
* | Ask the user for the package name and version if needed.Matthijs Kooijman2010-09-17
* | Allow passing --quiet to git show.Matthijs Kooijman2010-09-17
* Document changes and release 0.5.9debian/0.5.9Guido Günther2010-09-17
* Don't fail on missing debian/rulesGuido Günther2010-09-16
* Improve compression format detectionGuido Günther2010-09-14
* Avoid unnecessary branch switchGuido Günther2010-09-14
* Switch to debian branch before forcing the HEAD updateGuido Günther2010-09-13
* Add --git-arch optionGuido Günther2010-09-02