Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Document changes and release 0.5.24debian/0.5.24Guido Günther2011-05-21
* git-pbuilder: remove single quotes from '$BASE'Guido Günther2011-05-20
* Add support for qemubuilderGuido Günther2011-05-20
* Add git-pbuilder 0.21Guido Günther2011-05-20
* Spelling correctionsJon Dowland2011-05-20
* git-pbuilder: Distinguish 1.0 and 3.0 source formatGuido Günther2011-05-19
* Document changes and release 0.5.23debian/0.5.23Guido Günther2011-05-07
* Improve readabilityGuido Günther2011-04-28
* gbp-clone: check out the debian branch after the clone is completePeter Eisentraut2011-04-22
* Fix various typos in man pagesPeter Eisentraut2011-04-22
* Correct option name in git-buildpackage man pagePeter Eisentraut2011-04-22
* git-dch: improve formatting of commit subjectGuido Günther2011-04-17
* gbp-pq: add some simple doctestsGuido Günther2011-04-17
* config: minor option parsing cleanupGuido Günther2011-04-17
* tests: add help check for newer commandsGuido Günther2011-04-17
* tests: add doctests for gbp.deb.orig_file()Guido Günther2011-04-17
* git-pbuilder: Drop diffignore and tarignore patternsGuido Günther2011-04-16
* Document changes and release 0.5.22debian/0.5.22Guido Günther2011-04-11
* Disable submodule processing by default.Guido Günther2011-04-11
* gbp: Handle whitespace in submodule namesGuido Günther2011-04-10
* tests: introduce submodule classGuido Günther2011-04-10
* Add aliases for gz and bz2 compression typesGuido Günther2011-04-09
* Add tests for hardcoded compression typesGuido Günther2011-04-09
* Detect compression from orig tarballLoïc Minier2011-04-09
* Pass tarball_dir to guess_comp_type()Loïc Minier2011-04-09
* Update guess_comp_type to take a cp as paramLoïc Minier2011-04-09
* Add tests for orig autodetectionLoïc Minier2011-04-09
* Ignore .noseids from nosetestsLoïc Minier2011-04-09
* Merge branch 'master' into experimentalGuido Günther2011-04-09
| * Document changes and release 0.5.21debian/0.5.21Guido Günther2011-04-06
| * Document changes and release 0.5.21Guido Günther2011-04-06
| * Revert "gbp: restrict splitting output of ls-tree to 3, since filenames might...Guido Günther2011-04-06
| * Make submodule support conditionalGuido Günther2011-04-06
| * git-buildpackage: Call gbp.update_submodulesGuido Günther2011-04-06
| * docs: Document Gbp-Pq-Topic: tagGuido Günther2011-04-06
| * gbp: restrict splitting output of ls-tree to 3, since filenames might contain...Yaroslav Halchenko2011-04-06
| * git-import-dsc: don't silently drop the epoch in tagsGuido Günther2011-04-06
| * Document changes and release 0.5.20debian/0.5.20Guido Günther2011-03-21
| * Set author and committerGuido Günther2011-03-21
| * Add build deps for the testsuiteGuido Günther2011-03-21
| * git-buildpackage: drop calls to git.update_submodules()Guido Günther2011-03-21
| * git-buildpackage; don't ignore errors returned by dump_tree()Guido Günther2011-03-21
| * git-buildpackage: special case non-submodule tarfile generationGuido Günther2011-03-21
| * docs: Easier to remember commands to create orphan upstream branch.Charles Plessy2011-03-21
| * docs: Added markup to the example for creating upstream branch.Charles Plessy2011-03-21
| * Update .gitignoreGuido Günther2011-03-19
| * tests: add testcase for git_archive()Guido Günther2011-03-19
| * tests: RenameGuido Günther2011-03-19
| * git-buildpackage: typoGuido Günther2011-03-19
| * tests: Add testcase for dump_archive()Guido Günther2011-03-19