Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Document changes and release 0.8.13debian/0.8.13Guido Günther2017-03-02
* Mention qemubuilder on all git-pbuilder related optionsGuido Günther2017-02-28
* manpages: docuemnt --git-pbuilder-options only takes effect with --git-pbuilderGuido Günther2017-02-27
* git-pbuilder: don't do set -x by defaultGuido Günther2017-02-20
* Improve CSS a bitGuido Günther2017-02-19
* docs: fix typoGuido Günther2017-02-19
* docs: avoid too much whitespace at the end of examplesGuido Günther2017-02-19
* docs: add missing colonsGuido Günther2017-02-19
* docs: use optionalGuido Günther2017-02-19
* docs: update introductionGuido Günther2017-02-19
* docs: bump copyright yearGuido Günther2017-02-19
* Improve error message for non-native packages with broken version numbersGuido Günther2017-02-14
* Use the source package instead of the chagenlog for tarball namesGuido Günther2017-02-13
* Pass source pkg around instead of changelogGuido Günther2017-02-13
* deb.source: Add version propertiesGuido Günther2017-02-13
* Use vfs upfrontGuido Günther2017-02-12
* docs: fix markupGuido Günther2017-02-11
* Merge tag 'debian/'Guido Günther2017-02-07
| * Document changes and release Günther2017-02-07
| * GitRepository: shorten reflog messageGuido Günther2017-02-07
* | import_dsc: delay pristine-tar import to the very endGuido Günther2017-02-07
* | GitRepository: shorten reflog messageGuido Günther2017-02-06
* | On a patch-queue branch tag the corresponding debian branch instead.Guido Günther2017-02-06
* | tests: add add_files helperGuido Günther2017-02-06
* | Add pq component testGuido Günther2017-02-06
* | docs: don't mark toggles as replaceableGuido Günther2017-02-06
* | Name opts consistentlyGuido Günther2017-02-06
* | Use a symlink to supercomand instead of pkgresources.load_entry_pointGuido Günther2017-02-02
* | Make epydoc happyGuido Günther2017-02-01
* | import_dsc: use three slashes by default for apt URLsGuido Günther2017-01-31
* | tests: add missing bracesGuido Günther2017-01-30
* | Extract a function to clean the working tree.Ben Finney2017-01-29
* | pq: Filter out comments from series diffGuido Günther2017-01-29
* Document changes and release Günther2017-01-27
* Document changes and release 0.8.12debian/0.8.12Guido Günther2017-01-27
* git-pbuilder: preserve exit statusGuido Günther2017-01-25
* git-pbuilder: print pdebuild command as executedGuido Günther2017-01-24
* dch: Allow to run from subdirectoryGuido Günther2017-01-23
* tests: make sure we fail properly with toplevel == TrueGuido Günther2017-01-23
* Make flake8 happyGuido Günther2017-01-22
* GitRepository: allow to init git repository from a subdirGuido Günther2017-01-22
* Make is simple to override nose flags on the command lineGuido Günther2017-01-21
* buildpackage: fix exporting of working copy when .git is not a directoryMarkus Lehtonen2017-01-20
* GitRepository: properly determine git-dirGuido Günther2017-01-20
* component test: Use more fixturesGuido Günther2017-01-20
* Document changes and release 0.8.11debian/0.8.11Guido Günther2017-01-20
* pq: Hardcode commit abbrev to 7 when exporting patchesGuido Günther2017-01-20
* Allow to pass config args to gitGuido Günther2017-01-20
* buildpackage: verify generated tarballsGuido Günther2017-01-20
* PristineTar: add verifyGuido Günther2017-01-20