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* Makefile: allow to override TEST_LOCALE from environmentGuido Günther2017-11-07
* Makefile: use $(MAKE)Guido Günther2017-11-07
* Make it simple to switch the locale tests are run underGuido Günther2017-11-06
* Use pydoctor to generate apidocsGuido Günther2017-08-02
* Tests: assume a UTF-8 locale for nowGuido Günther2017-08-02
* Use python3 for testsGuido Günther2017-08-02
* Name opts consistentlyGuido Günther2017-02-06
* Make is simple to override nose flags on the command lineGuido Günther2017-01-21
* make: Check if we can use parallel flakeGuido Günther2017-01-17
* flake8 check examplesGuido Günther2017-01-06
* import-orig: Handle download errors properlyGuido Günther2016-12-26
* Switch from pychecker to flake8Guido Günther2016-09-12
* Move doc generation and test invocation to separate MakefileGuido Günther2016-09-12