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* Update to git-builder 1.43Guido Günther2016-12-15
* Run actions under "set -x"Guido Günther2016-12-08
* gbp-mock: handle single letter optionsTzafrir Cohen2016-12-08
* Update to git-pbuilder 1.42Guido Günther2016-08-15
* Update to git-pbuilder 1.40Guido Günther2016-01-25
* git-pbuilder: Use gbp buildpackage instead of git-builpackageGuido Günther2015-12-06
* Update go git-pbuilder 1.38Guido Günther2015-12-06
* git-pbuilder: spelling fixKen Dreyer2015-12-01
* buildpackage-rpm: add support for mock chroot builderGuido Günther2015-11-16
* Fix error messageGuido Günther2015-11-15
* Update to git-pbuilder 1.37Guido Günther2015-10-25
* Check correct config file when using qemubuilderJames Clarke2015-10-20
* Check for sudoGuido Günther2015-08-20
* Update to git-pbuilder 1.35Guido Günther2015-08-17
* git-pbuilder: Support creation of chroots for LTSGuido Günther2015-05-22
* Drop all gbp-* and git-* commandsGuido Günther2015-02-17
* Update to git-pbuilder 1.33Guido Günther2014-09-07
* Don't delete *_source.changes on source only buildsGuido Günther2014-08-26
* Use --distribution instead of --distGuido Günther2013-11-29
* Update to git-pbuilder 1.30Guido Günther2013-11-06
* Backports got integrated into the main archiveGuido Günther2013-09-17
* Update to git-pbuilder 1.29Guido Günther2013-09-17
* ALlow to set the output directory via GIT_PBUILDER_OUTPUT_DIRGuido Günther2012-04-10
* Update to git-pbuilder 1.27Guido Günther2012-01-13
* Update git-pbuilderGuido Günther2011-12-26
* Get rid of the symlinkGuido Günther2011-11-01