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* document changes and releasedebian/0.4.7Guido Guenther2007-11-05
* document changes and releasedebian/0.4.6Guido Guenther2007-11-04
* fix url (Closes: #448350)Guido Guenther2007-10-30
* document changes and releasedebian/0.4.5Guido Guenther2007-10-24
* document changes and releasedebian/0.4.4Guido Guenther2007-10-22
* document changes and releasedebian/0.4.3Guido Guenther2007-10-19
* properly cleanup the version fileGuido Guenther2007-10-19
* add version number to docs and a toolsGuido Guenther2007-10-19
* don't split up the manual that much (local.dsl taken from darcs-buildpackage)Guido Guenther2007-10-19
* document changes and releasedebian/0.4.2Guido Guenther2007-10-17
* document changes and releasedebian/0.4.1Guido Guenther2007-10-10
* depend on devscripts with a working 'dch ""'Guido Guenther2007-10-07
* document changes and releasedebian/0.4.0Guido Guenther2007-10-07
* document changes and releasedebian/0.3.6Guido Guenther2007-10-03
* document changes and releasedebian/0.3.5Guido Guenther2007-10-03
* mention git-dchGuido Guenther2007-10-03
* add git-dchGuido Guenther2007-09-30
* document changesdebian/0.3.4Guido Guenther2007-09-08
* document changesdebian/0.3.3Guido Guenther2007-08-20
* don't hardcode -i\.git -I.git as build argumentsGuido Guenther2007-08-20
* document changesdebian/0.3.2Guido Guenther2007-06-27
* document changesdebian/0.3.1Guido Guenther2007-06-11
* document changes and update tododebian/0.3.0Guido Guenther2007-05-29
* still suggest git_load_dirsGuido Guenther2007-05-29
* Merge ../git-buildpackage into locals/import-orig-by-indexGuido Guenther2007-05-28
| * document changesdebian/0.2.31Guido Guenther2007-05-24
| * document changesdebian/0.2.30Guido Guenther2007-05-24
* | don't use git_load_dirs for importsGuido Guenther2007-05-28
* git-import-orig: more specific error message, when the merge merge failsdebian/0.2.29Guido Guenther2007-05-16
* releasedebian/0.2.28Guido Guenther2007-05-13
* document changesGuido Guenther2007-05-13
* typo fixesAurélien GÉRÔME2007-05-04
* document changesdebian/0.2.27Guido Guenther2007-04-12
* git_load_dirs now supports --summary, use this for nicer import messagesGuido Guenther2007-04-12
* adjust to new output of git-status in git 1.5debian/0.2.26Guido Guenther2007-02-27
* depend on a git that has the "removed files left in working copy after merge"...Guido Guenther2007-02-27
* use GBPError everywhere and move commands from __init__ to command_wrappers.pyGuido Guenther2007-02-11
* document changesdebian/0.2.25Guido Guenther2007-02-02
* mention graftsGuido Guenther2007-02-01
* add --git-posttag to git-buildpackageGuido Guenther2007-01-22
* document changesdebian/0.2.24Guido Guenther2007-01-13
* add XS-Vcs-GitGuido Guenther2007-01-13
* depend on gtk-doc-tools, sgml2x and jadedebian/0.2.23Guido Guenther2006-12-29
* add GitRepository classdebian/0.2.22Guido Guenther2006-12-26
* update manpagesGuido Guenther2006-12-25
* While dpkg-buildpackage's -i argument takes a regexp -I doesn'tdebian/0.2.21Guido Guenther2006-12-22
* git-import-orig: improve error message when the upstream branch cannot be found.debian/0.2.20Guido Guenther2006-12-22
* add some more documentationGuido Guenther2006-12-22
* git-buildpackage: add an option (--git-cleaner) that allows to specify a diff...debian/0.2.19Guido Guenther2006-12-21
* minor fixes all over the placeGuido Guenther2006-12-13