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* Git-Dch: Full in commit messagesMatthijs Kooijman2012-04-18
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* Document Git-Dch: Ignore and Git-Dch: ShortGuido Günther2010-05-04
* Add support for a Git-Dch: Ignore metaheader.Matthijs Kooijman2009-12-17
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* mention cl2vcsGuido Günther2008-11-07
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* correct several typos in the manual (Closes: #464582, #464583, #464617)Guido Guenther2008-02-08
* Documentation updatesGuido Guenther2007-10-17
* doc-update: snapshot-number can be used in gbp.conf tooGuido Guenther2007-10-10
* document --snapshot-numberGuido Guenther2007-10-10
* add some basic documentation for git-dchGuido Guenther2007-10-07