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* Make the default build command 3.x source format safeGuido Günther2009-11-22
* Make gbp-clone, gbp-pull and gbp-pq first class citizensGuido Günther2009-11-22
* add --redo-pqGuido Günther2009-11-07
* Don't fail when series file is missing.Guido Günther2009-11-07
* add option to drop patch-queue branchGuido Günther2009-11-07
* check for clean repoGuido Günther2009-10-25
* add gbp-pullGuido Günther2009-10-24
* import Command tooGuido Günther2009-10-24
* Add gbp-cloneGuido Günther2009-09-05
* add gbp-pq to examplesGuido Günther2009-07-23
* pass GBP_BUILD_DIR to the build commandGuido Günther2009-04-05
* add git-builder cowbuilder exampleGuido Günther2009-03-05
* fix for remote repos containing '.'Guido Günther2009-02-26
* add gbp-posttag-push exampleGuido Günther2009-02-22
* rename git-pbuilder to gbp-pbuilderGuido Günther2009-02-20
* add filter and allow to pass PBULDER_OPTSGuido Guenther2007-08-29
* document changesdebian/0.2.25Guido Guenther2007-02-02