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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* gbp-pq: Allow to specify subdirs for patchesGuido Günther2011-03-12
* gbp-pq: move write_patches into separate functionGuido Günther2011-03-12
* Use tristate option for --color=valueGuido Günther2011-01-08
* Allow to drop numbers from patch names via --no-patch-numbersGuido Günther2010-12-27
* Rewrite gbp-pq in pythonGuido Günther2010-12-26
* Use the maintainer of the Debian package as fallback patch authorGuido Günther2010-08-03
* fix typotwerner@debian.org2010-07-01
* gbp-pq: Use run_git to catch git errorsGuido Günther2010-05-15
* gbp-pq export: Instead of failing switch branchGuido Günther2010-05-15
* Improve manpage and help outputGuido Günther2010-05-13
* Make gbp-clone, gbp-pull and gbp-pq first class citizensGuido Günther2009-11-22