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* gbp-pull: Adjust incorrect logging levelGuido Günther2011-01-16
* Use tristate option for --color=valueGuido Günther2011-01-08
* pychecker warning cleanupsGuido Günther2010-12-28
* gbp-pull: Better document --force and --redo-pqGuido Günther2010-12-27
* Add logging functionsGuido Günther2010-11-16
* Properly handle local only changes as no update neededGuido Günther2010-08-29
* Don't update already up to date branchesGuido Günther2010-08-04
* Requests for non fast-forward updates should exit with a non-zero resultGuido Günther2010-05-04
* Don't hardcode pristine-tar branchGuido Günther2009-12-23
* Don't fail if no tracking branch exists.Guido Günther2009-11-26
* Make gbp-clone, gbp-pull and gbp-pq first class citizensGuido Günther2009-11-22