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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* git-dch --git-author: separate author and emaildebian/experimentalDmitrij Tejblum2015-02-17
* Use open() instead of file()Guido Günther2013-08-28
* ChangeLog: Remove is_nativeGuido Günther2013-04-29
* Move debian/changelog manipulation to gbp.deb.changelog.ChangeLog.Daniel Dehennin2013-03-29
* Make exception syntax consistentGuido Günther2012-07-02
* gbp.deb.ChangeLog: Add filename propertyGuido Günther2012-05-20
* gbp.deb.changelog: Split parsing into a separate functionGuido Günther2012-05-20
* Add gbp.deb.ChangeLogSectionGuido Günther2012-05-15
* deb.changelog: allow to extract author and dateGuido Günther2012-03-15
* deb.changelog: add name propertyGuido Günther2012-01-22
* Add ChangeLog classGuido Günther2011-11-28