path: root/gbp/scripts/buildpackage_rpm.py
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* buildpackage: fix exporting of working copy when .git is not a directoryMarkus Lehtonen2017-01-20
* buildpackage: Don't set a compression level if unset and make this the defaultGuido Günther2017-01-17
* Quote arguments passed to builderGuido Günther2017-01-11
* buildpackage_rpm: flake8 cleanGuido Günther2016-12-07
* buildpackage_rpm: drop unused vcs_info()Guido Günther2016-12-07
* Fix new flake8 errorsGuido Günther2016-11-15
* GitRepository.archive: use _git_inoutGuido Günther2016-10-09
* Give more instructions when config is unparseableGuido Günther2016-07-04
* buildpackage: Handle Ctrl-C more gracefullyGuido Günther2016-07-04
* buildpackage_rpm: implement --native optionMarkus Lehtonen2015-12-09
* buildpackage_rpm: use correct archive formatMarkus Lehtonen2015-12-02
* buildpackage-rpm: fix crash when creating packaging tagsMarkus Lehtonen2015-11-20
* buildpackage-rpm: add support for mock chroot builderGuido Günther2015-11-16
* buildpackage_rpm: use six.configparserGuido Günther2015-10-23
* Remove unused importsGuido Günther2015-10-23
* Change FSF address to URL in few more file headersMarkus Lehtonen2015-10-20
* buildpackage_rpm: remove tempdirMarkus Lehtonen2015-10-20
* buildpackage_rpm: fix crash when package has no source archiveMarkus Lehtonen2015-10-20
* buildpackage_rpm: use wc_name from commonMarkus Lehtonen2015-10-19
* Add gbp buildpackage-rpmGuido Günther2015-08-19