path: root/gbp/scripts/common/buildpackage.py
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* buildpackage: fix exporting of working copy when .git is not a directoryMarkus Lehtonen2017-01-20
* Drop unused variableGuido Günther2017-01-18
* buildpackage: Don't set a compression level if unset and make this the defaultGuido Günther2017-01-17
* GitRepository.list_submodules: use _git_inoutGuido Günther2016-10-09
* pep8/pyflakes cleanupsGuido Günther2016-09-12
* Make pylint happyGuido Günther2016-05-27
* buildpackage: Fix typoGuido Günther2016-05-27
* common/buildpackage: support for different archive formatsMarkus Lehtonen2015-12-02
* Fix FSF address - thanks rpmlintEvgeni Golov2015-06-22
* buildpackage/dump_tree: add 'recursive' optionMarkus Lehtonen2014-12-28
* common/buildpackage: fix handling of empty tarball prefixMarkus Lehtonen2013-09-10
* Remove unused importGuido Günther2013-09-05
* buildpackage: add 'force' option to write_wc()Markus Lehtonen2013-01-16
* Remove multiple spacesGuido Günther2012-07-31
* Make exception syntax consistentGuido Günther2012-07-02
* Refactor git-buildpackage as preparation for rpm supportMarkus Lehtonen2012-04-18