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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Refactor deb helpers: introduce PkgPolicy classMarkus Lehtonen2012-05-01
* Refactor git-import-orig as preparation for rpm supportMarkus Lehtonen2012-04-18
* import-orig: refactor args of ask_package_* functionsMarkus Lehtonen2012-04-18
* git-import-orig: Allow to pass in an upstream vcs tagGuido Günther2012-03-23
* Refactor config.py as preparation for rpm support.Markus Lehtonen2012-02-13
* import_orig: Properly detect .tgz and other abbreviated file extensionsGuido Günther2012-02-07
* import_orig: clarify function descriptionGuido Günther2012-02-07
* UpstreamSource: turn is_* vars and properties into methodsGuido Günther2012-02-07
* PristineTar: move to separate moduleGuido Günther2012-01-22
* Move debian specific functions from GitRepository to DebianGitRepositoryGuido Günther2011-12-16
* Add ChangeLog classGuido Günther2011-11-28
* Get rid of the symlinkGuido Günther2011-11-01